h6 polished tungsten carbide rods

Product name: h6 polished tungsten carbide rods

1.Grade: YL10.2

2.Particle: 0.8um

2.Size: diameter 14mm

Features of tungsten carbide rods:

1.100% virgin raw materials with fine particle

2.High performance,high reliability,high stability, can meet high quality market requirements in time.

3.With the HIP sintered technology,the structure of tungsten carbide is more uniform,more dense,the TRS can be raised more than 20%

4.Customer design acceptable to adapt all kinds of working environment.

5.Long tool life, low cost, special designed grade for drill tools


Used as materials for making various kinds of  carbide solid tools and cutting tools, such as drills, end mills, thread taps, rotating file,etc. A good material for general-purpose. Suitable for machining carbon steel, cast irons, stainless steel, heat-resistance steel, nickel based alloys and titanium alloys.
Also can be used as valve core bar or other mechanical usage

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